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What’s New In Virtual Cover Creator 3.0?

In the third version of Virtual Cover Creator, we have rewritten to code from scratch as we migrated to VisualBasic.NET improving existing features while removing non-essential functions to make the code leaner.

We are using Windows Presentation Foundation (or WPF). WPF utilizes DirectX so it takes advantages of your graphic card hardware accelaration for smoother graphics and all round better performance.

Below are some of the new features introduced in this version:

  • Developed using Microsoft VisualBasic.NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (or WPF)
  • Improved performance and smoother graphics
  • Totally updated graphical user interface making use of ribbon GUI and improved work flow during cover creation
  • New model added: Paperback Books
  • New action added for Paperback Books: Opened/closed cover and curvy effect
  • New action added for Hardcover Books: Opened/closed cover
  • New model added: Paperback Special Reports
  • New action added for Paperback Special Reports: Opened/closed cover, curvy effect, set spiral color
  • New action added for Hardcover Special Reports: Opened/closed cover, set spiral color
  • New action added for CD Cover, Jewel Cases: Opened/closed cover, slide in/out compact disc
  • New model added DVD Case Amarays Design
  • New model added DVD Case Amarays Designs & Disc
  • New action added for DVD Case Amarays Design: Opened/closed case
  • New action added for DVD Case Amarays Designs & Disc: Opened/closed case, slide in/out disc
  • New action added for Electronics Magazines: Opened/closed cover
  • New model added Member/Gift Cards
  • Ability to create and save project files
  • Simplified 2D graphic editor
  • Added the ability to work with multiple layers Photoshop style
  • Added pre-built shapes such as arrows, check marks, callout balloons etc
  • Added the ability to rotate model using the mouse
  • Added the ability to resize model using the mouse scroll wheel
  • Simplified 3D controls interface
  • Ability to crop image in 3D preview
  • Improved implementation of model actions
  • Added the ability to combine models by point and click
  • Added Virtual Cover Creator framework consisting of the Standard and PRO edition
  • Added printing support in 3D Preview
  • Web based templates download area
  • Improved Help Files and moved online for quick access and updates.

Download Virtual Cover Creator3.0 Now!

The wait is over!
We are happy to announce that Virtual Cover Creator 3.0 is now available for download and purchase!

I know that we have mentioned that we planned to release the software in the first quarter of 2011, however due to unavoidable circumstances; the release date had been delayed.

As a mark of appreciate for you patient and support, we are offering a 40% discount if you make a purchase between now and December 11, 2011.

Hop over Virtual-Cover-Creator.net to learn more.